Daya Angsana

Our Services

Facilities Management Services (FM)

Building Cleaning Services

Housekeeping Services

High-Rise / External Building Cleaning Services

Transports Cleaning Services

Grass Cutting Services

Landscaping and Ground Maintenance Services

Rubbish Disposal Services

The services that we perform are tailored to the specific requirement of our clients. A total service can be provided including day and night cleaning, high-rise exterior and interior cleaning, and all types of surface polishing, carpets and upholstery shampoo and stone restoration. Besides this, we also provide hygiene management services (provide and / or install sanitizer, air freshener and sanitary disposal bin), waste disposal and pest controls. These services can be custom packaged and tailored to meet client’s need.



Our program covers


Grass cutting.


Applied and recommended fertilizing.

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Periodical pruning.

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Regular weeding.

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Overgrown tree trimming.

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Provide potted plants.

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Insecticide / pesticide services.


General ground maintenance

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Landscape design and maintenance.

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Rubbish Disposal Services